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Beyond the Clean Room: Pharmaceutical Industry Concerns

by Gerbig in General Cleanroom. Comments Off on Beyond the Clean Room: Pharmaceutical Industry Concerns

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have unique concerns when manufacturing their products. Clean rooms are used both to make these products and also to sterilize material and equipment. However, the standards for purity depend on more than just the clean room. If the equipment is not chosen properly, even sterile materials can become contaminated. Additionally, products must be both sterile and clean. Manufacturers need be proactive to ensure their final product is safe for the public.


Pharmaceutical Processing published an article titled, “How to Specify Equipment for High-purity Processes” that examines the many considerations in the design of fluid motion and control systems. Contamination via equipment, according to the article, is a possibility when there are “dead cavities, corners, seams or obstructions that exist in processing equipment.” These concerns can arise anywhere from the valve to the surface finish.

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