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5 Best Practices for Optimizing your Cleanroom

Make these 5 simple tips habit for your cleanroom operation to ensure that you remain as efficient and productive as possible.

Cleanroom managers have a lot to juggle. On top of maintaining compliance, which is a rigorous and detailed undertaking, the workflow needs to remain efficient. Putting some best practices to work will help you get in the habit of monitoring and maintaining an operation that allows you to optimize your productivity. Here are 5 simple keys to follow.

  1. Always be prepared. Just as you would with a cleanroom design or equipment installation, plan ahead for everything from cleaning procedures to staff schedules. You should know exactly when you have important services rendered, like validation or certification, and who is going to prepare for them.
  1. Prevent rather than react. Anticipate disruptions and disasters, like potential safety hazards and equipment failure, and proactively prevent them. It will take you far less time and energy to keep up on ergonomics or routine maintenance than it will to fix anything that goes wrong.
  1. Identify redundancies. Product waste and operational backflow are two things that a lean strategy aims to eliminate. Look for redundancies that cause overproduction so you can cut out anything that is unnecessary. This will make huge strides towards greater efficiency.
  1. Create performance indicators. You should be measuring output and keeping track of any data that pertains to your cleanroom processes. Make it easy for yourself to see exactly what changes happened and how they affected production.
  1. Take care of your staff. Not only should you utilize your staff in the best way each individual can contribute, you should be training and certifying them routinely. Listen to their input and feedback, too, as they are the ones who live the job every day. They can often catch things that you miss. Recognize them for their work, and help them on a career trajectory with the company if they are interested.

These tips are fairly simple, but when neglected, can create a lot of extra work for you. By staying on top of your plans, processes, data, and talent, you will create a far more productive environment.

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