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Curtain Options

Gerbig Engineering provides several types of curtain options for softwall cleanrooms.  The most common is 40 mil clear PVC heat welded to our AireCell PVC extruded attachment.



a) Standard 40 mil PVC

b) ESD Safe 40 mil

c) Class 1 fire rated ESD

d) Non out gassing polyurethane

e) Colored 40 mil PVC

f) Black out Curtains

ESD Curtains

Surface resistance measured in ohms is complex.  It is basically ohms per square, or just ohms.  The article by Gene Chase of ETS, Inc. gives a good explanation of surface resistivity.  You may find his article by clicking on the article in Related Links.


Laser Safe Curtains

Gerbig Engineering has built laser safe softwall cleanrooms using outside vendors for the curtains.