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Cleanroom Certification


Gerbig Engineering is a Cleanroom Performance Testing Contractor that certifies to ISO14644-1.  We are committed to successful certification outcomes and are willing to provide solutions including HEPA filter repair and replacement, and engineering review and recommendations.


Since 1985 Gerbig Engineering has been certifying cleanrooms of all classes and applications. From ISO 3 to ISO 9 and from industrial to scientific, our familiarity with a large variety of cleanroom applications makes Gerbig Engineering your preferred source for certification competence and experience.

Primary Tests

These tests are recommended for all cleanrooms:

  • ISO 14644-1 particle counts
  • Room pressure Differentials
  • HEPA filter velocity/volume
  • Air Changes per Hour calculation
  • HEPA filter Integrity Test

Additional Tests

Additional tests of value to cleanrooms:

  • Temperature and Humidity Uniformity
  • Particle Recovery
  • Airflow Visualization smoke test
  • Light levels
  • Sound Levels
  • Static electricity evaluation/dissipation testing
  • Laminarity

Environmental Monitoring

Ongoing periodic monitoring for microbial and other key Controlled Environment attributes

  • Airborne viable organisms
  • Surface viable organisms
  • Airborne particle counts
  • Room Temperature and Humidity
  • Room Pressure