Cleanroom Leadership Personalities: Are you Driving Success? Part 2

Check out whether your cleanroom management style will help or hinder the success of your employees and your business.

Knowing your own management strengths and weaknesses is important for any leader. You can’t truly evolve until you understand who you are, how you thrive, and what sets you back. We began explaining Randy H. Nelson’s four personality types for leaders in our last article. Here we will explain what the remaining two are and how people with these personalities can best succeed.

Reflexively Pessimistic: This person is always ready for a crisis. This person is a survivor; however, the constant focus on what can go wrong interferes with this leader’s ability to grow. He or she has no strong foundation of how to manage when times are good. Staying the course on a good day is just as important as righting the ship in a storm. A beneficial exercise to help this leader would be one similar to the one explained for the ever-optimistic leader. He or she should list the strengths and weaknesses of the major facets of business he or she leads. Following, this person should present this to colleagues with a focus on positive comments and forward-thinking plans.

Steady-Proactive: What Nelson says about this group is: “These leaders are clear in what they know and don’t know. This person has moved beyond a revenue-only focus and now devotes time and effort to understanding what boosts stock value, using this knowledge to push the valuation ever higher.” On the flip side, this kind of style doesn’t allow employees to relax and enjoy the moment. An exercise that would help this type of leader would be to have him or her come up with ways to stop and celebrate successes at least once a quarter.

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