Coach your Cleanroom Employees to be Indispensable

Cultivating your cleanroom employees to be indispensable is an investment in both the present and the future of your business

The happiest, hardest-working employees are those that feel cared for and supported. One of the best ways to deliver these principles is to train employees. Training isn’t just about skills, though. If your employees want to feel both valued and like they have a future with you, training should also include guidance on how to move up in the company. Here are some things to teach your employees:

  1. Self-confidence. The first step in achieving a status of being irreplaceable is to believe that it’s true. This isn’t about blind arrogance. This is about feeling one’s full worth. Have employees evaluate their skills and what they think they need to feel like they are indispensable. This will provide a personal development track that will benefit both the employee and the company.
  2. Be aware of everything around you. This is a vague tip, but an important one. Employees should be on the lookout for opportunities to improve systems, catch areas in need, and lend a helping hand. Also, employees should have political savvy, especially in a sense to be able to explore alternatives.
  3. Cultivate creativity. Most tasks in a cleanroom are very left-brained – analytical and objective. By engaging in creative activities on breaks in and in one’s free time, anyone can foster the creativity that leads to innovation and groundbreaking change.
  4. Take care of the whole self. Work should be broken up with brief periods of exercise, stretching, breaks for the brain, and noticing one’s surroundings. Stress relief and basic muscle care can offer a lot of physical and mental relief – without which people become fatigued, stuck and overwhelmed.
  5. Be a team player. Helping others not only helps productivity, it strengthens skillsets. It shows leadership and builds respect – both from and for other employees.

All of these activities and tips empower employees to be an integral part of the team for years to come. Not only does this kind of training set people on a personal track, it also leads to higher productivity and success rates in compliance. If you have questions about cleanroom validation, certification, or construction, contact Gerbig Engineering Company. Our experts are happy to assist you in any phase of cleanroom operations. Call us at 88-628-0056 or email

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