Environmental Concerns When Designing your Cleanroom: External

Environmental factors can create unexpected problems with your air intake system. Don’t be susceptible to these surprises. Know how to prepare.

When you complete construction on a cleanroom, the last thing you want to find is that you overlooked a major source of contamination. One of the most missed pieces in the design phase is the environment surrounding the facility. There are numerous ways the external environment can hinder your efforts to maintain proper indoor air quality. Missing one can cause a lot of agony for you later on.

In the last article on indoor environmental concerns, we focused largely on humidity. This is one of the most obvious detrimental influences in the environment, both outside and in. If the climate you’re in gets humid, you do need to factor that in when designing your cleanroom.

It doesn’t stop at humidity, however. Weather is the least controllable aspect of your environment, and you need to account for everything you could get hit with in your region. For example, if it snows where you live, your air intake systems need to be engineered to account for very fine snow that can fall during extreme cold. Cover all the weather possibilities when discussing your air intake system with your engineer.

Beyond weather are other influences that can overwhelm your system. Process exhaust of nearby operations can be of concern. Street level contaminates can be present, too, like those generated from loading docks or running vehicles. Survey the area for these kinds of toxins and choose your air intake system location accordingly. Furthermore, assess your environment regularly to catch any possible influx or unexpected factor that could overwhelm your system.

Once you have accounted for all environmental concerns, your cleanroom design will be better equipped to remain compliant throughout operations. When you need cleanroom validation or certification, call Gerbig Engineering Company. We offer full expert services and can answer any questions you have about the processes. Tell us how we can help you: 888-628-0056; info@gerbig.com.

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