How Do your Cleanroom Habits Compare to Others?

Controlled Environments recently surveyed over 140 readers to uncover trends in the cleanroom business. Some of their findings might surprise you. Here is a snapshot of what they found:

What kind of facility?

Almost a quarter of respondents work in pharmaceuticals, and other popular industries included medical devices, aerospace, manufacturing, biotechnology, validation, and research.

Retrofitted facilities: 53%

New/custom-built facilities: 37%

Turnkey facility: 10%


When looking at the big picture, any facility manager is going to base decisions on cost at some point. When is cost most likely to be the biggest concern, and when is it not?

Purchasing items for the cleanroom: 46% say longevity and quality is most important, whereas 35% prioritize cost, and 8% want the newest models available.

Supplier/distributor for equipment supplies: 35% consider cost most important; 26% are most concerned with vendor reputation/reviews, and 11% choose the same company every year.

Along the line of costs, what day-to-day items and services are most participants spending money on?

74% – cleanroom consumables (wipers, swabs, etc.)

69% – cleanroom attire (the majority uses single-use, disposable attire.)

66% – monitoring/instrumentation systems

46% – cleanroom services


Speaking of cleaning services, who is in charge of this important task? There are many articles that recommend using staff separate from those working in the cleanroom all day. Does this reflect real life?

It doesn’t for 42% of the responders. They all have their staff stay and complete cleaning duties. 33% use an in-house staff that is solely dedicated to cleaning. 24% use an outside cleaning company.


How often does an outside firm inspect these facilities? For 35%, it happens more than once a year. 22% host an inspection every 2-5 years; 9% host every 5-10.

It’s always interesting to see how one’s own facility compares to the trends of the industry. For cleanroom validation, certification, and construction, contact Gerbig Engineering Company. We will help keep you compliant and profitable. Call 888-628-0056 or email

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