Quick Tips for Fume Hood Exhaust Monitoring Part 1

What kinds of options do you have available when selecting a fume hood for your cleanroom? What else do you need to know?

When working in a cleanroom with corrosive, hazardous, or volatile materials, sufficient airflow is critical to personnel safety. Calibrated exhaust monitors typically have audible and visual alarms to alert workers when the airflow drops below calibrated levels. In addition to monitoring this airflow, exhaust monitor alarms can also indicate that there is a problem with the pressure. As you can see, it is imperative to have calibrated exhaust monitors for your fume hoods. We offer some quick tips on choosing and maintaining your fume hoods. First, a few words about your options:

Selections in Fume Hoods

There are numerous options for fume hoods. Among these, you will find two different airflow valve setups:

Variable Air Volume (VAV) – This can be programmed to either adjust air velocity based on where the sash height is or regulate it regardless of where the sash height is.

Constant Volume Valve (CV) – The hood is designed so that it’s worked in at a specific velocity and a specific sash height. When the sash is raised past the set point, the velocity will drop; when the sash is lowered, velocity increases.

The other variations revolve around size, material, and sash opening setups. Some of the materials available include coated wooden units, polymer materials, and coated or raw stainless. Sizes vary greatly. You can find sash openings that are horizontal, vertical, a combination, and walk-in.

Knowing how many options you have available will help you understand exactly what you need to determine before selecting the fume hood itself. In next week’s post, we will continue with tips on maintenance, replacing equipment, and selecting the monitoring system.

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