Selecting the Right Pressure Monitor for your Clean Environment

Ideal cleanroom conditions rely on accurate pressure readings. Air in a controlled environment is not constant, so it’s critical to prevent pressure changes. This ensures that pressure won’t be so low as to allow contaminates in or so high as to waste energy.

When choosing an airflow monitor, your priorities are:

  • To be able to see readings at a glance
  • To fetch accurate readings
  • To catch any shift in air flow in real time
  • That all staff is confidently safe and protected

Therefore, in choosing the right monitoring system for your needs, keep the following in mind:

  1. What does it take to keep the device accurate? How many hours will staff need to spend calibrating and re-calibrating the device? Make sure the device is a high enough quality that you’re confident in the accuracy of its measurements.
  2. Fire/smoke protection. Moving from one side to the other, does the device protect against fire and/or smoke? Smoke dampers are available for through-the-wall monitoring – something that might be relevant for fire codes.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Compare costs and features of several devices before you make your final decision. Are there other solutions that will deliver constant airflow monitoring without the bells and alarms?
  4. How challenging is installation? Who will be able to install it, what are the costs, and how much time will it take?
  5. Does the device meet all necessary requirements? For example, is it UL-approved?
  6. How else can you ensure accuracy? Measurement points should be as close as possible to the point of action. This is superior to transferring a control signal to a centralized monitoring system.

Technology is always advancing, so keep an eye open to what is new in pressure monitoring. With this in mind, you can select a monitor knowing that its functions will be relevant for a long time or with the intention to replace it every few years.

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