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Hard Wall Cleanrooms -AireCell®

Hardwall cleanrooms are configurable and flexible. AireCell® extrusions allow design flexiblity in the following areas:

Hard Wall Cleanroom Configuration

Virtually any size and configuration can be accommodated. Hard wall clean rooms can be free standing or supported from building structure. Interior walls can be created for gowning or staging rooms.

Cleanroom HEPA Filtration

The amount of air flow or air changes determines the contamination level or number of particles in the modular cleanroom. Filtered air may be supplied by the following methods:

  • HEPA Fan/Filter Units mounted into the ceiling grid.
  • Ducted Filters mounted into ceiling grid with air supply from building HVAC or dedicated blower.
  • Ceiling Plenum or sealed double ceiling. May be pressurized from building HVAC or dedicated blower.

Pressure can be adjusted and monitored to keep particles from clean areas. Temperature and humidity can also be monitored and regulated if required – all due to designs integrated by the hardwall cleanroom manufacturer.

Wall Systems

Reveal mount wall framing

System panels are fitted  between vertical frame members. Wall appearance is the same from both sides

Flush mount wall framing system

If a flush appearance is desired, this wall system is also available. Panels may be mounted on one side or both sides depending on the requirements.

Almost any 6mm or 1/4″ panel material may be used. Viewing window height may vary depending on preference. Air returns may be incorporated into wall design.

Many styles of doors are available for personnel and material access. The Airecell® upright fits inside a groove designed into the Airecell® door frame. The door is easily framed and set in place without  special fasteners.

Sliding doors and pass-thrus are also available for material access.

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