Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

AireCell® modular hardwall cleanrooms can be designed to be free-standing or integrated into your building structure. Gerbig’s patented, easy-to-install aluminum extensions combine with any ¼” panel for a variety of applications. Our hardwall cleanrooms are easily reconfigured or expanded, minimizing downtime, or eliminating it altogether. The AireCell® system is adaptable so it can integrate into other modular systems or interface with almost any material. Building floors are rarely level enough for modular wall systems so adjustable footing is standard. Cleanroom partitions or special walls are easily installed using the AireCell® system.

Depending on the use of your hardwall cleanrooms—and the room in which you’re putting the cleanroom—you will have to decide which air-flow system to implement. The Open Loop System doesn’t require ductwork or a plenum wall system, which can be an advantage, or a disadvantage depending on your needs. The closed loop system has the ability to control humidity, and uses a double hung ceiling or plenum system.

Open Loop Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

In the open loop system, the HEPA filtered air exits the room at the floor and returns to the fan-filter unit freely. The main advantage of this system is reduced cost because there are no return air chases, ductwork, or plenum. Air exits the room under the wall panels, or through low-wall mounted grilles.

With open loop cleanrooms, room pressure is determined by the pressure loss of the air passing through the wall grilles or under the wall panels. For air exiting under the walls, Gerbig Cleanrooms uses actual test data to determine the opening dimension under the wall.

The disadvantage to the open loop concept is the absence of humidity control. The humidity will be the same as the larger room (ambient area). Also, the open loop system can’t be used if the ambient area has no air conditioning.

Closed Loop Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

In this system, HEPA filtered air is contained within the hardwall cleanroom envelope. The advantage of using this system is the humidity can be controlled to a different value than the ambient area. Air is returned through the wall cavity or return air chases. Once air is returned to the chase or riser, there are two possible methods for completing the air circuit. One is to duct the air from the wall riser to the fan-filter unit or back to the AHU. The other is to create a negative plenum by making a “double ceiling”. This cavity acts as a return air plenum.

The choice between the two methods is mainly a matter of cost. With lots of HEPA filters in the ceiling, a “double ceiling” or plenum system would cost less. This occurs with most ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanrooms (and cleaner).

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