AireCell® Modular Cleanroom System

The AireCell® modular cleanroom framing system is specifically designed for cleanroom applications including hardwall and softwall cleanrooms as well as workstations, storage cabinets, pass-thrus and structural ceilings. The AireCell® system allows for virtually any size and configuration to be accommodated. Cleanrooms can be free-standing or integrated into the building structure.

AireCell® was specifically designed for the construction of cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment. AireCell® is a specialized line of anodized aluminum and PVC extrusions and assemblies. Interlocking anodized framing is assembled and ¼” panels of any kind by sealed into the framework. AireCell® design flexibility with reduced installation time so walls and rooms are created in hours not days.


AireCell® Products

Gerbig Cleanrooms has been designing modular cleanrooms for 30 years in virtually all industries requiring contamination control. Let us put our experience to work for you. We bring solutions to cleanroom projects.


Cleanroom Installation

Gerbig cleanroom installers and project managers are highly trained and experienced. AireCell® cleanrooms have been installed successfully across the U.S.A. including Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and South America.

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  • Hardwall Cleanrooms
  • Softwall Cleanrooms
  • Workstations
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Pass-Thrus
  • Structural Ceilings
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