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Innovative, Reliable Cleanroom Equipment

Gerbig Cleanrooms is a cleanroom manufacturer that offers economical, functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment to meet the unique needs of your application. Decades of industry experience designing cleanrooms and clean processes has allowed our team to create effective solutions including pass-thrus, workstations, laminar flow hoods, entrance products and beyond.

Our Cleanroom Equipment

With our knowledge of cleanroom equipment engineering and manufacturing, Gerbig Cleanrooms has grown to design a wide variety of products to meet a wide variety of needs. From supplying cleanroom accessories to creating custom enclosures, we manufacture parts that account for the entire contamination control process.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

We offer both open and closed loop modular hardwall cleanrooms that are easy to install, build, reconfigure or expand depending on your unique needs.

Softwall Cleanrooms

AireCell® Softwall Cleanrooms can be erected quickly and consist of metal framing, flexible vinyl curtain walls and fan filter modules to control particulate and airflow.


Our aluminum cleanroom workstation tables outperform heavy steel-framed units thanks to their air filtration, design flexibility, ease of handling and material customizability.

Cleanroom Doors

Gerbig cleanroom doors come standard with a push bar, pull handle, full glass insert, heavy-duty hinges and automatic door closers. 

Cleanroom Panels

Cleanroom panels can be made in various thicknesses out of different materials including aluminum, tempered glass, PVC and polycarbonate. 

Cleanroom Storage

Ideal for storing garments, process equipment, wipes, tools and other materials, Gerbig’s cleanroom storage solutions (including lockers and more) offer clean, customizable control.

AireCell Extrusions

Gerbig Cleanrooms has designed over 60 PVC extrusions and aluminum extrusions for wall panels. Browse our selection to find the one that best fits your needs.

HEPA Filtration Systems

Gerbig Cleanrooms is a master distributor for Envirco fan-filter units, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) units ideal for many cleanroom designs.

Cleanroom Shelving

Learn about our cleanroom shelving options custom-designed to solve customer problems —  brackets, utility panels, stud and cam bolts, pre-filter grilles and ISO 8 Diffuser Plates and more.

Cleanroom Lighting

Finding the right lighting for your cleanroom can be difficult depending on your air filtration systems and cleanroom’s class. We can help.


Types of pass-through systems offered by Gerbig include pass-thru chambers and cabinets, swing doors and convenience windows and roll-up pass-thrus.

Cleanroom Benches

We offer a selection of vertical and horizontal flow cleanroom benches and chairs featuring air filtration to help you maintain a workspace that is both sterile and comfortable.

Experienced Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturers

As skilled cleanroom equipment suppliers, we design our products with our customers and their facilities in mind. We provide a large number of affordable cleanroom equipment solutions that make your processes more efficient and your products higher in quality.

Economical Pricing

The pricing and prolonged life of our equipment make long-term maintenance and upkeep worth the investment.

High-Integrity Material

Gerbig Cleanrooms manufactures cleanroom equipment with anodized aluminum framing, stainless steel and powder coat finishes, making them more immune to humid temperatures and UV light.

Modular Framing

AireCell® anodized aluminum framing allows us to offer our customers modular flexibility and a wide selection of options.

Customer Service

As a premier cleanroom equipment supplier, all of our units are custom-built. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Cleanroom Equipment Products

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