Update cleanrooms with new walls, workstations, pass-thrus and partitions with specialty aluminum wall panel extrusions.

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AireCell Extrusions

High-quality wall panel extrusions are crafted from durable materials — PVC or aluminum, typically — helping ensure both sanitation and structural integrity. Gerbig Cleanrooms has been designing extruded aluminum wall panels for over 35 years, with 60 different varieties created for unique applications. Hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, workstations, pass-thrus and cleanroom partitions can all benefit from the AireCell modular cleanroom system. To make construction easier, we offer panel gasket/retainers for various material sizes, including: .060”, .125”, and ¼”.


AireCell Ceiling Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions for wall panels and ceilings are primarily equipped for strength in cleanroom systems.

  • CX233 – Cross Tee Extrusion
  • CX127 – Ledge Extrusion
  • CX244 – 4″ Beam Extrusion
  • CX232 – 6″ Beam Extrusion
  • CX235S – 7 1/2″ Beam Extrusion
  • CX255 – 10″ Beam Extrusion


AireCell General Extrusions

Adaptable extrusions — featuring both vertical and horizontal studs — can be used in a wide variety of general applications.

Vertical Studs

• CX203

• CX234

• CX237

• CX231

• CX228

• CX222R

• CX228

• CX239





Horizontal Extrusions

• CX211

• CX251

• CX213

• CX227

• CX213F

Special Applications

Gerbig has the ability to design unique extruded aluminum wall panels and die profiles to accommodate special applications.

• CX201 center to offset

• CX200 single to double flutes

• CX202 foreign wall interface

• CX229 I-Beam

• CX119 ¼” ledge

• CX127 Ceiling Ledge Extrusion

• CX225 Hinge

• CX125 Base Holding

Batten System

Some cleanrooms are built with cleanroom panels attached to steel studs with batten strips.

• For this that type of application, use CX101 and CX105 battens along with CX103, 104 106

• For corners, use CX102 and CX108


• CX101

• CX103

• CX105

• CX108

• CX102

• CX104

• CX106

• Filler Strips

PVC Extrusions

PVC extrusions and aluminum extrusions for wall panels are generally used as retainers for tempered glass, egg crate, filler strips, gasket seals, or for removable panels.

• #9169 1/4″ Glass Retainer

• #5864 Panel Retainer

• #5686 Filler Cover Strip

• #9311 Gasket Seal

• #4794 In Slot Panel Retainer

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