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Workstations-Laminar Flow Hoods

Modular aluminum framing has been replacing steel framing in most production facilities over the years due to a variety of benefits. Gerbig’s experience in cleanroom and equipment manufacturing has been beneficial in the development of aluminum cleanroom tables that outperform heavy steel-framed units.

Benefits of Aluminum Modular Framing


Design Flexibility

The size and orientation of the cleanroom workstation can be adapted to your needs.


Ease of Handling

AireCell workstations can be easily disassembled for shipment or moving through doorways. Re-assembly on-site is easy and requires only an Allen wrench.


Material Options

Our laminar flow workstation panels come in many material and finish options.

Fan Filter Unit Downflow Workstation

This cleanroom table is an economical alternative to the traditional laminar flow workstation. It is available in Class 100 and Class 1000. These cleanroom workstations are very quiet and easily built to custom sizes. Most applications for contamination control over a work area can be resolved by placing quiet fan-filter units on a modular AireCell® frame. The cost savings are significant over traditional Class 100 laminar flow hoods without sacrificing your level of cleanliness. If you decide that a Class 1000 cleanroom workstation will do the job, you can save even more.


Standard Features

Besides the many benefits of our modular aluminum frame, the Fan-Filter Unit Downflow Workstation is offered with LED lighting, light diffuser, light and fan switches, acrylic side panels and leveling feet.


Optional Features

Gerbig offers adapted features such as wire shelving, tabletops (several material options), ion bars, leveling casters, throw away prefilters and more.

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