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Cleanroom Shelving, Louvers & More

Gerbig Cleanrooms has designed several options for cleanrooms that have been developed over the years to solve problems for customers. New options are being added frequently, so please contact Gerbig to discuss any needs.

Cleanroom Shelving Bracket

Easy attachment of the bracket to any slot in the AireCell® line of extrusions.


Cleanroom Utility Panels

This option is frequently used for electrical and mechanical connections. The panels are most frequently used in air return chases and ceiling grids.


Pre-filter Grille

A low-wall mounted filter grille is available to allow for easy pre-filter access. This prevents the end user from opening the ceiling to change pre-filters.

ISO 8 Diffuser Plate

For Class ISO 8 cleanrooms or where the temperature entering the cleanroom is too cool, a diffuser plate may be used. This plate sits under the fan filter unit to diffuse the air along the ceiling.


Stud Bolts / Cam Bolts

Two types of stud bolts are available: A slide-in extrusion is available (referred to as a Carr extrusion) for 1/4 X 20 stud bolts. Stud bolts may be used for attaching things to the AireCell® wall system. The Carr extrusion is held in place by 1/4 X 20 set screws. Cam style can be used without having to slide the hardware in from the end of the slot.


Adjustable Wall Louvers

Slotted adjustable wall louvers can be used to easily adjust wall pressure in open loop/single pass cleanrooms.

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