Customized Pass-Thru Products for Your Cleanroom

Gerbig Cleanrooms has developed a complete line of cleanroom pass-thrus to meet the requirements of the diverse industries we serve. Our cleanroom pass-thrus have been installed in many of our cleanrooms, as well as high-tech production facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories. Our focus is on providing trouble-free service without breaking your budget.


Our standard pass-thru cabinet consists of an AireCell® anodized aluminum frame with flush panels inside and out. The pass-thru doors have the same framing with acrylic inserts. We also have available stainless steel, PVC, tempered glass, safety glass, polycarbonate, Kynar coatings, ESD, and abrasion-resistant panels.

Types of Pass-Thru Systems

Pass-thru systems are an important part of many cleanrooms. They are necessary for a variety of parts, materials, documents, critical applications, equipment, and even personnel. The type of cleanroom pass-thru system that is suitable for you depends on what you need to move from one side to the other as well as your cleanroom class.

Pass-Thru Chambers: These provide transfer for a number of critical applications, including requirements to ISO 4 and bio/pharmaceutical operations requiring frequent cleaning and sterilization. The internal surfaces are optimized for easy cleaning access. There are no cracks, grind marks, burrs, or other imperfections to snag wipers or harbor contaminants.

Swing Doors and Convenience Windows: The doors of this system open from either side and a reinforced shelf is provided for users to place materials or documents. Transfer windows are ideal for situations where users need a fast and easy way to pass materials from one room to another.

Roll-Up Pass Thrus: These dual-side segmented access doors automatically roll up and down at the push of a PLC control pad button. The design eliminates door clearance requirements, and gloved personnel can easily open and close doors while holding parts. Motorized lifters are sealed inside non-contaminating housing; doors slide up and down a track.

Standard Single-Door Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

The Gerbig standard pass-thru is the most cost-effective pass-thru system on the market with many features such as flush panels inside and out, easy-open latch, lift-off hinges and viewing panels built into the door. Our extensive cleanroom experience has been critical in the design of our standard single-door cleanroom pass-thrus. They make product transfer easy while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between rooms.


Standard Materials

Framing is AireCell® anodized aluminum rigidly clamped together with tension locks – no screws or welds. Panels have an aluminum skin with white painted finish and foam core. The doors have acrylic view panels for easy viewing access.



  • Tempered Glass
  • Kynar Panels (Chemical Resistant)
  • Anodized
  • ESD
  • Interlocks
  • Opposing Swing Doors
  • Cart Pass-Thrus



All components required for mounting the units into wall opening are furnished, including trim angles and gussets if needed. Cleanroom pass-thrus can be integrated into any type of wall system.

Our cleanroom pass-thrus beat the catalog offerings with improved service and price. We can provide custom sizes, materials and features that cater to your cleanroom needs.

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