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AireCell Softwall Cleanrooms

AireCell Softwall Cleanrooms are highly durable and flexible. They can be configured to meet specific cleanroom requirements. The interlocking grid system allows durable construction with easy assembly and cleanroom expansion. AireCell Softwall Cleanrooms can be configured to meet contamination requirements by proper selection of HEPA filtration. We can assist the customer with Air Changes vs. Class requirements.


AireCell Softwall Features

  • Easy self-installation – no bolting.
  • Quick Delivery.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Easy expansion of size or class.
  • Easy conversion to rigid wall.


Typical Options

  • Anti-Static Curtains : Surface resistance can be decreased about one order of magnitude with this option.
  • Curtain options for multiple applications – inquire.
  • Castors – Swivel with locking wheels specified by model.
  • Alternate ceiling heights
  • Factory Wiring Option – with single point connection.
  • Non-Outgassing Polyurethane curtains.


Softwall Framing:

The AireCell Softwall system is composed of a frame built with only four aluminum extrusions. At any time the owner may expand the Softwall cleanroom in any direction because the beam is symmetrical. Rigid walls can also be added later with the addition of AireCell extrusions with several choices of rigid panels.