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Automated Pass-Thrus

Automated pass-thrus are now affordable and will increase efficiency while reducing damaged product.
Manual doors can be difficult to open with an armload of product. Can you afford the risk of product being dropped on the floor? We would like to hear about your unique requirements. We can custom design a system to match your product, type of operator and conveyor parameters.


Standard aluminum components are the most cost effective, but we also have stainless steel, stainless steel product contact, stainless steel washdown and welded pvc.


Pneumatic cylinders provide reliable and quiet door operation. Door actuators may be foot switches, palm switches, push buttons, through beam sensors or timers.

Controls and Safety

Safety switches or sensors will reverse door when inadvertently actuated.
Programmable relay control systems are available to eliminate timers and relays allowing for a smaller adjustable control package with built-in security.
Door interlocks are built in also.