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Stainless Steel Pass-Thrus

Many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and bio-engineering companies require cleanable stainless steel pass thrus. Gerbig can meet these requirements with several designs to choose from. All Gerbig pass thrus have formed corners and flush seams that eliminate crevices for growth to occur.

Design Selection

All Gerbig stainless steel pass-thrus have a single wall housing. Inserts can be added to flush out housing with door opening. Doors have single or dual point latching. We offer door clamps for high pressure or decontamination applications. Doors can be framed or solid lexan doors with side or bottom hinge.


Both 304 and 316 stainless steel available. Quarter latches are chrome plated outside with stainless steel hardware inside. Doors are sealed with a hypalon lip seal and a EPDM bulb seal. Vision panels may be lexan or tempered glass. Stainless steel trim angle and support gussets needed for installation are provided.


Customer specified width, height and depth of the housing. Mechanical interlocks available using stainless and plastic components. Stainless steel wire shelving or plastic shelving may be supplied.