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Auto Sliding Doors

The speed and ease of transferring materials into and out of the cleanroom can increase production. An automatic sliding door was needed when double swing doors take up too much space and roll-up doors do not fit into the budget. The AireCell Automatic Sliding Door is a safe, reliable, custom built door with numerous combinations of operators and panels options.

Pneumatic Sliding Door

Smooth Operator

The door panel is moved quietly along a heavy duty track with a pneumatic ribbon cylinder. Speed and closing force can be set with flow controls mounted on the cylinder. Very little air pressure and volume are required because of the heavy duty roller system.



Two thru beam sensor are mounted in each threshold so door does not close when product or personnel are present. We also include a panic button that will dump all air so door can be pushed open manually.


Types of Actuation

Walk up and push a button or trip a proximity or motion sensor to open the door or drive up in the fork lift and pull a cord to open door. Doors can be set to close by use of an adjustable timer or manual push button.