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Forklift Vestibule

Vestibules are used to seperate
clean manufacturing from shipping and packaging areas. The double door works
like a large pass thru with interlocked doors. Only one side can be open at a
time so air pressure differential and air turbulence do not send millions of
particles into your clean area. Adding Fan-Filter units in the ceiling create
another level of containment.

AireCell Modular Enclosure

Use of an Airecell modular enclosure means quick installation
without trying to contain sheet rock particles. You choose the size and panel
options you require. Modular also means future re-location or expansion of the vestibule
is an option.

Size and Door Type

You can size the vestibule to fit a small pallet or large enough
to fit a forklift and pallet. Doors can be commercial roll-up style or the more
economical AireCell Pneumatic Sliding Door.


Manual pull cord, push button or motion detector actuation.