3 Types of Cleanroom Pass-Through Systems

There are many varieties of pass-through systems for cleanrooms, and each meets different unique needs. Here are 3 common varieties.

Pass-through systems are an important part of many cleanrooms. They are necessary for a variety of parts, materials, documents, critical applications, equipment, and even personnel. The type of system you need depends on what you need to move from one side to the other as well as your cleanroom class. Here are three very different kinds of pass-through systems to consider.

  1. Chamber. These provide transfer for a number of critical applications, including requirements to ISO 4 and bio/pharmaceutical operations requiring frequent cleaning and sterilization. No external fasteners or caulking are needed, as a bracket mounts the chamber against the cleanroom wall. There are no horizontal surfaces to collect dust. The internal surfaces are optimized for easy cleaning and sterilization. There are no cracks, grind marks, burrs, or other imperfections to snag wipers or harbor contaminants.
  2. Swing Doors and Convenience Windows. The doors open from either side, and a reinforced shelf is provided for users to place materials or documents. Doors can be made in clear tempered glass or opaque polypropylene. Transfer windows are ideal for situations where users need a fast and easy way to pass materials from one room to another.
  3. Roll-Up. These dual-side segmented access doors automatically roll up and down at the push of a PLC control pad button. The design eliminates door clearance requirements, and gloved personnel can easily open and close doors while holding parts. Motorized lifters are sealed inside non-contaminating housing; doors slide up and down a track. These systems also utilize pressure-sensitive safety circuits to automatically stop door motion and return it to an open position if an object hits the door’s bottom.

There are many pass-through varieties available for cleanrooms, and these are three of the most common. Be sure to choose what is right for your needs and requirements. If you need assistance with cleanroom validation, certification, or construction, contact the experts at Gerbig Engineering Company. We’ve provided cleanroom services for 30 years. Call 88-960-0056 or email info@gerbig.com today.

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