4 Types of Modular Cleanrooms Part 1

Modular cleanrooms are a popular alternative to controlled environments. The appropriate one for you depends on your specific needs.

Modular cleanrooms offer a variety of benefits to those who need a controlled environment. They’re quick and clean to install, consistent in quality, and offer some green benefits as well. In an evolving market, new systems become available, giving consumers more to choose from.

Modular cleanrooms are categorized in four styles: softwall, aseptic, structural post and panel, and specialty systems (they include framing or partitioning.) Let’s take a look at the first two kinds of modular systems.

Softwall Cleanrooms:

If you require light environmental control, these systems are a very economical option. They can be erected quickly and consist of metal framing, flexible vinyl curtain walls, and numerous fan filter modules to control particulate and air flow. These are probably the most mobile systems available.

Other advantages to softwall cleanrooms make them easy to incorporate into a variety of applications and other cleanroom systems. Mounting methods, closure, and fastening systems allow them to be used as partitions within larger environments or to create cleaner interior zones. They even come in several finishes, like transparent, tinted, and opaque to widen their applications.

Overall, these are very common to use for basic environmental control to inspection rooms, manufacturing areas, GMP rooms, and machinery enclosures.

Aseptic systems:

While softwalls are designed for lighter environments, aseptic systems are designed to meet the requirements of life science, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device markets.

These systems have a completely seamless interior as well as durable, non-shedding wall panels designed to withstand repeated cleaning and sanitizing. The design eliminates the potential buildup of contaminants within the environment. All of the advantages of these systems serve to meet the unique requirements of the specific industries mentioned above.

One of the most reliable and advanced modular cleanroom systems is the AireCell line created by Gerbig Engineering Company. This specialized line of aluminum and PVC extrusions are quickly installed and cost-effective. Contact Gerbig to discuss whether the AireCell system is right for your application: 888-628-0056; info@gerbig.com.

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