4 Types of Modular Cleanrooms Part 2

Further discussion on the options one has for modular cleanrooms as opposed to other controlled environments.

Modular cleanrooms are a popular alternative to other kinds of controlled environments because they are convenient and reliable. In part one, we discussed two of the four types of systems. Here we will cover the remaining two.

Structural post and panel

Most modular manufacturers have a core product that acts as an “all-purpose” system. These products can be utilized for numerous applications, from particular ISO classes to GMP rooms. The versatility that these systems provide make them appropriate to outfit existing facilities or build freestanding structures to envelop separate, compartmentalized processes.

A post-panel design provides even more flexibility to these systems. A variety of wall panels and cores can be integrated to meet various needs and applications. These include: polystyrene, aluminum honeycomb, fiberglass reinforced plastic, and stainless steel.

Quality control enclosures, inspection rooms, medical device packaging areas, machinery enclosures, and USP 797 compounding labs are all examples of applications that benefit from these all-purpose cleanroom systems.

Framing and partitioning systems

These are typically the ideal solutions for applications demanding a lot of precision, like microelectronics and nanotechnology. They require systems that integrate well with the equipment used to run the operations. Framing systems feature both vertical and horizontal members that connect easily, therefore simplifying bulkheading as well as creating airtight seals around equipment. The walls can easily be removed without removing adjacent panels, ceiling grids, or framing studs.

Something to be aware of in the microelectronics industry is that cleanrooms usually require anti-static wall panels hat are non-shedding and non-outgassing. Honeycomb aluminum panels have proven to perform well, but they are expensive. More cost-effective designs are often available if you compare your needs with what manufacturers have to offer. With a little research, you could reduce the cost of your cleanroom without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Depending on your application and needs, either a softwall, aseptic, structural post-panel, or framing system will meet your modular needs. Gerbig Engineering company’s AireCell line is especially cost-effective. The aluminum and PVC extrusions are quickly installed and offer design flexibility. Contact us to discuss the AireCell systems: 888-628-0056; info@gerbig.com.

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