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AireCell Extrusions

Gerbig Engineering Company owns about 60 extrusion dies for Aluminum and PVC. Many of the dies are for special applications.  We have panel retainers for .063 , .125″ , and 1/4″ materials.

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Typical Application Extrusions


Some extrusions are available primarily for strength in cleanroom systems. They are: CX229, CX244, CX245, CX232, CX 250, CX252, CX253, CX254, and CX255.

Vertical Studs

Eleven extrusions are available for use as studs in wall systems. Some of these are also used as horizontal mullions. They are: CX203, CX221, CX222, CX222R, CX226, CX228, CX230, CX231, CX234, CX237, CX239.


Three extrusions are available for use with ceiling systems. To build a structural ceiling, use a beam extrusions with CX233 cross runner and CX127 ledge extrusion. Spans of twenty feet can be made with the CX253 beam extrusion. Spans of thirty feet can be made with the CX255 extrusion.

Base Options

For closed loop systems, two different base options are available. The CX -125 extrusion allows  for a base only on one side of the wall or both, while the CX126A and B are used for a track type application that allows base on two sides of the wall.

Batten System

Some cleanrooms are built with cleanroom panels attached to steel studs. For this application, use CX101 and CX105 battens along with CX103, 104 106. For corners, use CX102 and CX108.

Special Applications

Gerbig has the ability to design unique die profiles to accommodate special applications.

CX200 center to offset
CX201 single to double flutes
CX202 foreign wall interface
CX119 ¼” ledge
CX127 Ceiling Ledge Extrusion
CX225 Hinge
CX J-Mold
CX Electrical Riser