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    Cleanroom equipment and services since 1985

  • Modular Construction

    Modular Construction

    AireCell® Modular Systems allow maximum design flexibility

  • Softwall


    AireCell® Softwall cleanrooms are durable, flexible and configurable

  • Components


    Keep your room clean and efficient with AireCell® components

  • Equipment


    Gerbig offers a complete line of equipment to meet any need

  • Validation Services

    Validation Services

    Gerbig certifies cleanrooms to all classifications and applications


Cleanroom Solutions Since 1985

Gerbig Engineering Company has over 25 years of expertise in Cleanroom design, manufacture, installation and validation. As modular cleanroom manufacturers, we create the AireCell line of modular systems and Components.

Gerbig Engineering specializes in cost-effective AireCell modular clean rooms and softwall cleanrooms, clean workstations, pass-thru units, special constant temperature rooms, validation and certification for cleanrooms and medical device facilities. Gerbig Engineering also designs HVAC and plumbing systems related to the contamination control industry.

Featuring AireCell

Specifically designed for the construction of cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment, AireCell is a specialized line of aluminum and PVC extrusions and assemblies. Anodized framing is quickly created and locked together with an Allan wrench. Panels are easily installed and sealed into this framework. Walls are created in hours instead of days.

AireCell Features:

  • Design flexibility
  • Reduced installation time
  • Ability to tear down and transport room assembly to another facility
  • Easy  expansion and modification

Over 40 years of  experience.

A pioneer in the industry, founder Fred Gerbig began designing, constructing and certifying cleanrooms in 1967. The first were laminar flow  for semiconductor manufacturing. Since then, Mr. Gerbig has been involved in a wide range of projects  in a variety of industries and developed the AireCell modular cleanroom system that is quick and economical.

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