Facilitating the Cure to Cancer? See How Gerbig Cleanrooms Is Helping

Rochester-based Vyriad, a product of the Mayo Clinic’s Employee Entrepreneurship Program, has a singular goal in mind: to cure cancer.

The mission was never going to be easy, but that didn’t stop co-founders Dr. Kah-Whye Peng, Dr. Shruthi Naik, and Dr. Stephen Russell from pursuing it anyway. As experts in viruses, Peng, Naik, and Russell are hoping to engineer viruses that will one day target and destroy cancer cells, while assisting the body to initiate its natural immune response to kill tumors. It’s a tough undertaking, but one that’s inspiring big things.

From humble beginnings, using second-hand chairs, desks, and lab equipment on the ground floor of the Bio Business Center, to expanding their footprint time and time again in the Rochester Technology Campus, Vyriad now employs 75 scientists and support staff – many of whom came from across the country.

Despite their success and rapid expansion, Vyriad’s founders weren’t experienced in building or growing a business. Their expertise lies in the science, not logistical factors such as electrical work, air filtration, or cleanroom construction. That’s where Gerbig Cleanrooms came to help.

It’s probably no surprise that, when engineering viruses, it’s important to have an exceptional cleanroom to facilitate the work. Vyriad needed a cleanroom that was not only first-rate, but customized to fit their space and unique requirements.

In accordance, Gerbig designed and built a series of cGMP rooms – a mix of ISO Class 6, 7, and 8. In total, there’s a total clean classified area of 6,104 square feet, with an ISO 8 entry corridor accessing a series of ISO 7 prep rooms, and an ISO 6 filling room. There are also non-classified areas for inspection and quarantine. The walls are made of Kynar-coated panels for chemical resistance, and HEPA filters are used in the ventilation system.

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