Why More Cleanroom Managers are Outsourcing Cleaning

Who cleans your cleanroom? If you’re in the majority, your cleanroom workers are also taking on detailed cleaning responsibilities. Controlled Environments recently published the latest “Cleanroom Trends and Salary Survey,” and the cleaning trends have changed since last year. While the trend to use cleanroom workers as the primary cleaning staff rose slightly, from 42% […]

Cleanroom Leadership Personalities: Are you Driving Success? Part 2

Check out whether your cleanroom management style will help or hinder the success of your employees and your business. Knowing your own management strengths and weaknesses is important for any leader. You can’t truly evolve until you understand who you are, how you thrive, and what sets you back. We began explaining Randy H. Nelson’s […]

Cleanroom Leadership Personalities: Are you Driving Success? Part 1

Does your personality help or hinder your employees’ and company’s success? Cleanroom managers: check it out. Just as with all jobs, CEO and management positions tend to attract certain types of people. Some personalities work well in roles like these, and they are able to help the company thrive. Others struggle to succeed. Often times, […]

Reduce Turnover with your Cleanroom Staff Part 3: Effective Communication

In the cleanroom, your staff must follow specific protocol to maintain product integrity and cleanroom compliance. Hiring quality people who are good for the job is just as important as maintaining quality staff. In parts one and two, we covered hiring and managing practices as well as compensation. Here we will discuss communication practices that […]

Reduce Turnover with your Cleanroom Staff Part 2: How to maximize productivity and keep your talent

There are a lot of industries really struggling to attract and retain talented employees. With this challenge has come some new approaches to hiring and managing staff. Last week, we discussed a few things to consider during the interview to hire the right people. We also looked at the best way to divide attention between […]

How to Support the Integrity of your Cleanroom through Conversation

Cleanrooms depend on people in a number of ways. Staff is needed to carry out tasks, but they are also responsible for completing tasks correctly. In a cleanroom, there is a very clear, “correct” way to perform duties. Furthermore, people are most responsible for producing contaminates. Any failure in a cleanroom is most likely the […]

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