10 Steps to Prepare for Commissioning and Qualifying your Cleanroom

Compliance in a cleanroom relies on proving you have good engineering practices (commissioning), and verifying facility/systems aspects that affect product quality (qualification). Carrying out these verifications can be quite overwhelming. John R. Butterfield describes each process in cemag.us’ “Commissioning and Qualification of Existing Facilities.” He also offers advice on how to prepare your facility for […]

How to Manage Cleanroom Data for FSMA Compliance Part 2

Food production cleanrooms have to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. This entails establishing HACCP-based written Preventive Control Plans. Without a paperless system, this is a truly labor-intensive project.   Having a laboratory information management system (LIMS) can be a huge help in managing your cleanroom data and complying with HACCP. Hazard Analysis and […]

How to Manage Cleanroom Data for FSMA Compliance Part 1

There is no question how important cleanrooms are to food and food supplement production. The integrity of the product(s) depends on continuous monitoring of multiple cleanroom variables. This monitoring process creates large amounts of data, and managing that data ensures the effectiveness of the whole system. For food production cleanrooms, one of the most reliable […]

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