Non-Sterile Cleanrooms and Microbial Monitoring Programs

There are several reasons one would establish a microbial monitoring program for a non-sterile cleanroom. Among them are evaluating sanitization and disinfection efficacy, monitoring cleanroom production and lab environments, monitoring and qualifying personnel, and validating the cleaning process in and of the cleanroom. One should always consult industry references for guidance, but we will outline […]

How to Support the Integrity of your Cleanroom through Conversation

Cleanrooms depend on people in a number of ways. Staff is needed to carry out tasks, but they are also responsible for completing tasks correctly. In a cleanroom, there is a very clear, “correct” way to perform duties. Furthermore, people are most responsible for producing contaminates. Any failure in a cleanroom is most likely the […]

Lighting Your Cleanroom

Installing lighting systems in a cleanroom can be a challenge because of the air filtration systems. Depending on the class of cleanroom, the ceiling may be covered with filters, leaving little room for light fixtures. Yet finding a lighting system that works effectively with the HVAC system is only one piece of the puzzle. You still need […]

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