New Technology Using Cleanrooms Could Help Firefighters Avoid Toxins

When it comes to the dangers of firefighting, most are fairly obvious. However, up to 75% of line-of-duty deaths are caused not by burns or collapsing structures, but by cancer. Carcinogens, heavy metals, and other hazardous materials released by burning buildings can become embedded into the suits of firefighters. While these suits are cleaned periodically after use, conventional technology is able to extract just 40% of these toxins.

Emergency Technical Decon (ETD) has created a breakthrough technology using liquified carbon dioxide that gets rid of up to 99% of toxins found in firefighters’ gear, including leather gloves and radio holsters. This technology represents a huge step forward in firefighter safety, potentially helping to keep our first responders cancer-free.

To aid these efforts, Gerbig Cleanrooms stepped in to construct the AireCell® modular cleanroom that the ETD process needs to prevent contamination. This cleanroom is critical to the process of handling and cleaning the firefighter suits, ensuring that no hazardous materials are leaked.

ETD’s new cleaning technology, along with the use of effective cleanrooms, could forever change the way hazardous materials are removed from uniforms and gear.