8 Steps to Successful Cleaning and Cleanroom Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are two separate but equal processes in cleanroom compliance. Know these 8 steps. Our last two posts addressed some common concerns and issues in choosing cleanroom disinfectants. Achieving the appropriate microbiological cleanliness levels for a class of cleanroom is paramount to industries like medical device assembly and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Disinfectants and applicators […]

The Most Overlooked Step in Cleanroom Disinfectant Programs

Disinfectant programs for cleanrooms rely on more than the solvents themselves. Don’t overlook this important piece of the puzzle. In our last article, we covered a six-step checklist for choosing disinfectants for your cleanrooms. When it comes to controlled environments, however, it’s necessary to create a disinfectant program.  While the solvents and solutions themselves are […]