Two Basic Elements of Controlling ESD

  The integrity of many products built in a cleanroom is compromised by electrostatic discharge (ESD).  Semiconductors, disc drive, and flat panel manufacturers are particularly at risk when static electricity attracts contaminates. An effective ESD control program is multi-faceted and continually improving. There are many elements in an ESD program; here we will focus on […]

Gerbig Engineering Company, Burnsville, MN has completed a procine extraction facility

Gerbig Engineering Company, Burnsville, MN has completed a procine extraction facility consisting of several ISO class 7 cleanrooms.  The facility takes in special porcine organs and processes them such that they contain no porcine cells.  The organ is then ready for implantation into humans. The Miromatrix Medical technology has the potential to enable the creation […]

Successfully Developing an ESD Program

Contaminates are attracted to charged surfaces, meaning electrostatic discharge (ESD) can devastate product, equipment, and potentially the reputation of a company. The right program to eliminate ESD will benefit productivity, profits, employees, and consumers. Controlled Environments Magazine offers some great resources on ESD, including Richard Bilodeau, PE’s article, “Championing an ESD Control Program.” “The bottom […]

General Conduct and Safety in the Cleanroom: Converting Short-Term Memory into Long-Term

Cleanroom safety training is extensive, and rightfully so. Even the smallest of mistakes can compromise production. Materials and progress may have to be completely scrapped to start over from scratch. Therefore, remembering all the rules, even the simplest ones, is paramount. While long-term memory can hold an indefinite amount of information, short-term memory can handle […]

How Vacuums Add to the Cleanroom

Cleanroom maintenance requires meticulous and devoted attention to detail. There is a constant effort to prevent airborne, fluid, and/or transfer particulates. Many cleanrooms rely solely on the most basic regulatory cleaning methods like wipe-down and dusting. Would using an industrial vacuum make a difference? In Controlled Environments’ “Cleanroom Maintenance: Sanitation via Filtration,” author Rob Decker […]

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