How Does Outdoor Humidity Affect the Cleanroom?

One of the most costly and important factors in building a cleanroom is air control. Cleanrooms are pressurized and use advanced filters that remove contamination-causing particulates. These airborne contaminates are not the only environmental issue in the cleanroom, though.  Humidity control is of the utmost importance in a cleanroom. Too much humidity can encourage bacteria […]

Developing your Internal Audit of the Cleanroom and Controlled Environments

Customer and registration audits can be stressful, and even more so when a company questions its preparedness. By issuing several internal audits throughout the year, these second and third party audits will be more successful. Additionally, employees will be better experts in policies, procedures, and instructions.  Jan Eudy wrote a thorough article on the topic […]

When is a Modular Cleanroom the Best Option?

As cleanrooms continues to evolve, standard cleanrooms are not always the best option anymore. Many companies are finding that modular designs best fit their needs. Modular cleanrooms offer more flexibility, little disruption, and they often cost less than a conventional cleanroom. However, they are not always a fit. Here are some pros and cons to […]