Reduce Turnover with your Cleanroom Staff Part 3: Effective Communication

In the cleanroom, your staff must follow specific protocol to maintain product integrity and cleanroom compliance. Hiring quality people who are good for the job is just as important as maintaining quality staff. In parts one and two, we covered hiring and managing practices as well as compensation. Here we will discuss communication practices that […]

Reduce Turnover with your Cleanroom Staff Part 2: How to maximize productivity and keep your talent

There are a lot of industries really struggling to attract and retain talented employees. With this challenge has come some new approaches to hiring and managing staff. Last week, we discussed a few things to consider during the interview to hire the right people. We also looked at the best way to divide attention between […]

Onsite Cleanroom Laundry Facilities

Cleanroom garments are an integral part of any controlled environment. For some, hiring a laundering service is the most efficient way to get these garments clean. For others, having onsite laundry facilities is the best answer. If you decide to clean your own cleanroom garments, here is what you need to know. Cleanroom Washers & […]

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