Comparing Water For Injection Technologies for your Cleanroom

There are two primary methods to produce water-for-injection (WFI) for cleanroom applications: multiple-effect distillation and vapor compression. Each method offers different advantages. Here are some key features to consider when determining the right WFI for you: The breaking point for ROI is 600 gallons/hour. The capital cost of vapor compression is higher than multiple-effect. However, […]

Measuring Relative Humidity in your Cleanroom

Relative humidity is a fickle issue in your cleanroom. Both outdoor and indoor factors affect it. Too much humidity will increase particulates and provide a breeding ground for biological contaminants. Too little humidity creates electrostatic discharge. Both instances can cause serious damage to your product and environment. The ideal humidity is right around 50 percent. […]

Your Cleanroom Safety Program

When it comes to your cleanroom, safety is multifaceted. Safety programs use OSHA standards, internal company requirements, and national consensus standards to ensure that work is performed ergonomically, efficiently, and safely. These programs are designed to protect employees and the integrity of the cleanroom. Your cleanroom safety plan should address appropriate employee behavior, functionality of […]