4 Mistakes that Kill the Strategic Direction of your Cleanroom Facility

Cleanroom managers have a lot on their plates. Initiating a strategic direction will help you reach your goals, but not if you make these mistakes.

Without a clear and accepted strategy for achievement, your organization can struggle to realize its goals. That is why it’s important to develop a directive for planning, resources, and day-to-day decisions. There are four common mistakes leaders make that obliterate strategic direction:

  1. Too focused on the now. We live in a world of instant gratification. We also tend to get caught up in the urgency of what is in front of us. Failure to see beyond the present will lead you to disconnect from your overall goals and objectives. Don’t let the immediacy of the next meeting, goal or report distract you from the big picture. Remain aware of where you want to go.
  2. Lack of sensibility. Your process is going to start with a written vision. On paper, it may look good, but if it isn’t pragmatic, it won’t move people to action. Your vision is important – it describes your intentions. However, you need to polish it off with direction to get people motivated.
  3. Disconnect between the top and the middle. It doesn’t matter how smart or reputable the leaders are in an organization – if you don’t get buy-in from the middle on your plan, it will fail. Part of what can sabotage a union amongst the staff is when leaders do what they like rather than what makes sense for strategic direction. Put your egos aside, and stay focused on the end game.
  4. Lack of review. Strategic direction demands constant review. You need to stay on top of what is working, what isn’t, what has changed, and the unexpected. Remember, you won’t snap your fingers and suddenly have success. This is meant to take some time. It needs shaping as you, your staff, and your company evolve.

You will identify strengths and weaknesses much easier if you keep an ongoing record of your progress. Note everything, even if it seems insignificant. You never know when two seemingly unrelated things will connect.

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