5 Steps to Transform your Cleanroom Staff into a Bona Fide Team

Just because your staff works together on the same project does not mean they will function as a true team. Each person has to share the same goals, motivation, and sacrifice. Follow these five steps to ensure that you choose a team who works together successfully and efficiently:

  1. Combine talent. While assembling a group of talented people will not guarantee success, it is the only way to achieve it. Think about which key players are needed to accomplish your goal. If choosing between candidates, consider how the strengths of each would best support the team.
  2. Drive all motivation around clearly defined goals. Whether you have one long-term goal or several short-term goals, make sure everyone is working towards the same thing. Unite them in their mission to achieve every step of success.
  3. Identify the shared success that will benefit each member. This team isn’t working hard to earn you a raise. They need to know that they will all enjoy recognition and reward for their hard work.
  4. Identify a sacrifice or achievement the team shares. Your team is equally talented, equally motivated, and equally rewarded. Make sure that they have done their equal shares of deserving a spot on the team. People value what they work hard for; if their hard work landed them on a hand-picked team together, they will be more likely to succeed.
  5. Define a clear finish line. How long will it take to accomplish the goal? When will everyone know whether they have succeeded? What tasks should be checked off every week, month, quarter, or year?

By choosing deserving, hard-working equals who all agree on the same goal and are equally rewarded, you have assembled a group of people who will work together as a true team. They will thrive together and win together.

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