Cleanroom Leadership Personalities: Are you Driving Success? Part 1

Does your personality help or hinder your employees’ and company’s success? Cleanroom managers: check it out.

Just as with all jobs, CEO and management positions tend to attract certain types of people. Some personalities work well in roles like these, and they are able to help the company thrive. Others struggle to succeed. Often times, managers don’t actually know themselves well enough to know the difference.

According to reputable business leader Randy H. Nelson, there are four major personality types for leaders. Here are the first two descriptions of personalities and what would help them succeed.

Urgent/Reactive: This person is not proactive, but rather waits until the last minute to take action. As Nelson says, “This business personality creates and thrives on an almost crazed atmosphere, where he or she can ride to the rescue, put out the fire, be everybody’s savior, then move on to the next problem. In other words, fix it and forget it. It’s characterized by action without introspective vision and premeditated guidance.”

According to Margery Weinstein, who writes for, these kinds of leaders lack introspection. For them, taking a personality test to gain personal introspection, and preparing a presentation of their vision for the company to gain professional introspection, would really strengthen this personality as a leader.

Ever-Optimistic: This person has a can-do attitude that is great for encouraging confidence and morale. He or she is enjoyable to be around and can propel motivation. However, when the going gets tough or the luck runs out, this person often doesn’t know how to react. Additionally, this person finds it difficult to deal with employees who are skating by.

Weinstein suggests that managers with these personalities list both the strengths and weaknesses of the major facets of business they lead and present it to a work group to collaborate on a plan to improve.

Check out part two to read about the remaining two personality types. If you’re a cleanroom manager who needs to stay ahead when it comes to certification or validation, contact Gerbig Engineering Company. Our experts have 30 years of experience. Contact us at 888-628-0056 or

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