Environmental Concerns When Designing your Cleanroom: Internal

Don’t build a cleanroom without first understanding all of the environmental factors that can cost you time and money later.

Maintaining a compliant cleanroom is a complex process. Indoor air quality is fairly fragile because even the best air filters can’t prevent all influences from tainting the system. The design process is the perfect place to evaluate potential threats. You can avoid certain contaminates and know what to be watchful for once the facility is operational. One of the most important factors to evaluate is the environment.

Environmental factors are twofold:  internal and external.

Let’s first look at internal environmental concerns.

Humidity is among the most difficult to completely control, and it can cause a heap of problems. Too little humidity, as you can imagine, can spark electrostatic buildup and discharge. Electrostatic discharge is a major issue in a cleanroom, especially in one that has any electrical components in it.

Too much humidity can lead to numerous other disasters. Photoresist processes are among those that are very sensitive to humidity. Just a little too much can destroy components, samples, and/or equipment – setting you back in both time and money.

Humid conditions also encourage bacteria and microbe growth, which will corrode sensitive materials. It also manifests into condensation and water absorption – two more processes that can ruin equipment and samples.

People working in the cleanroom are also sensitive to humidity. Sweat, fatigue, and other heat-related discomfort can increase the chances of human error, not to mention compromise employee safety.

It’s important to prepare for humidity monitoring and control when you design your cleanroom. Some of your risks to relative humidity will depend on the external environment. Next week we will focus on how the air quality is influenced by the facility’s surroundings.

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