Quick Checklist for Building a Test Chamber for your Cleanroom

What do you need to know before building or buying a test chamber?

Test chambers allow us to see the long-term impacts of extreme environmental conditions on product or equipment in a short period of time. This is useful to be able to make changes to the manufacturing process. Some of the conditions tested include:

  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Weather conditions (e.g. UV degradation)
  • Environmental impacts (e.g. salt water)
  • Emissions and by-products

The test chamber you would need to test your requirements will be unique to you and your product. Often times you will need to have a new chamber built. However, there may be existing test chamber that you can buy used that will provide you what you need.

Either way, before you can purchase or build a chamber, you need all the right information to get what you need. Here is a quick checklist:

  • Understand your size requirements (product) as well as your size restrictions (facility).
  • Understand your performance parameters like getting it hooked up correctly. Talk to operations, R&D, and manufacturers to gather all the information.
  • Consider all the details, like when the product needs to be handled, if you need to observe it visually, and if light is needed inside the chamber. Additionally, would light or other surrounding conditions impact the chamber operation or the efficiency of the controlled room?
  • Know the required life expectancy.
  • What are your networking requirements?
  • What is the required level of user control and programming?
  • Know the calibration requirements for installation and ongoing use.
  • What other workflow and process considerations are there?

Armed with these answers, you can choose the appropriate test chamber for your facility. Make sure you oversee installation, calibration, and hook-up, and make proper arrangements for maintenance and repair.

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