USP 797 Compliance: Creating a Cleaning Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

If you’re maintaining a USP 797 compliant cleanroom, you’re required to have written cleaning STandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and cleaning logs. Your SOP should include when to clean, how to clean, and what to clean with. Here are some guidelines on these categories. How Often? Surfaces of sterile compounding areas need to be cleaned with […]

Electronics Manufacturing: Cleaning Options

Electronics manufacturers have a few things to consider when determining how to best clean electronics. These include the cleaning solvent, equipment, and whether to use a wet or dry process. Here is a short breakdown of these considerations. Cleaning agents The right cleaning agent depends on what you’re removing and what it’s stuck to. Doris […]

Tips for Cleaning your Cleanroom

Cleaning a cleanroom sounds redundant, but routine maintenance and cleaning are a big part of what keeps these environments compliant. Of course, cleaning procedures will differ according to required cleanliness levels, processes occurring in the cleanroom, and the individual company. However, experts agree that there are some universal steps to follow. 1. Establish Environmental Monitoring […]

The Present and Future of Cleaning Cleanrooms

Pharmaceutical industry experts predict an evolution in cleanroom cleaning between now and 2020. They speculate that materials, techniques, and even guidelines used to clean will all look different. However, the current state of the industry suggests that cleanroom workers are not even up to par in cleaning for today’s standards. This matter urgently needs to […]

Cleanroom Maintenance and Upkeep

When considering their purpose, it’s easy to overlook how important regular cleanroom maintenance and upkeep is to keeping your cleanroom in working condition. Not only is proper cleanroom maintenance and upkeep critical to manufacturing your products effectively, it’s also required to maintain your cleanroom’s International Organization for Standardization (ISO) rating. Crews that work in and […]

Sustainable Cleanroom Practices: Washable Sticky Mats

Efforts to go green in a controlled environment range from large to small. Something as simple as using a washable sticky mat can have a huge effect. Cleanrooms require a large amount of energy and resources to function properly, which can make it difficult for environmentally-conscientious managers to make their facilities more eco-friendly. We’ve discussed […]

Compressed Air Lines in Cleanrooms Need Routine Testing

Compressed air is used in various applications in cleanrooms for a number of manufacturers. The applications can include injection molding, operation of conveyor belts, and the aseptic cleaning process. Compressed air can be used because of the controlled environment a component is manufactured within, but what facility managers don’t always realize is that the compressed […]

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