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How to Control Fungus in Cleanrooms Part 2

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Selecting a cleaning agent that is effective against fungal contamination in cleanrooms is a full process. This series identifies your steps.

There are numerous types of fungi that can grow in your cleanroom. Selecting the right disinfectant(s) depends on several processes. In part one, we discussed the different type of relevant data you want to collect. Here we will discuss testing disinfectants for efficacy.


Many factors influence the effectiveness of the active ingredients in biocides. Some of them include:

Surface type
Contact time
Organic soil
Hardness of the water

The actives used against fungal spores will perform differently depending on the factors above. It is therefore necessary to perform in-house testing. For pharmaceutical environments in particular, a series of tests are necessary. Some agents that work against vegetative fungi aren’t effective against fungal spores. Here are three methods to consider.

Suspension Tests: These tests work to determine the … Read More »

How to Control Fungus in Cleanrooms Part 1

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Fungal issues are significant in controlled environments. To ensure your cleaning agent will be effective against mold and yeast, follow this series.

Fungal contamination from mold and yeast are concerns for cleanrooms in any industry. Mold issues in particular have surfaced in cold rooms, door kick plates, incubators, and cleanroom startups in addition to the cleanrooms themselves.

One of the major concerns, outside of properly testing for and catching contamination, is finding an effective disinfectant. Not all disinfectants are effective against fungal spores; you might have to use a sporicidal agent to control fungi. Another issue is that fungus will develop a resistance to products, so you need to rotate at least two different ones that are equally effective.

When selecting a disinfectant, you need to take critical steps to ensure you choose an effective agent. Here is the first:

Gather all information and … Read More »

4 Mistakes that Kill the Strategic Direction of your Cleanroom Facility

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Cleanroom managers have a lot on their plates. Initiating a strategic direction will help you reach your goals, but not if you make these mistakes.

Without a clear and accepted strategy for achievement, your organization can struggle to realize its goals. That is why it’s important to develop a directive for planning, resources, and day-to-day decisions. There are four common mistakes leaders make that obliterate strategic direction:

Too focused on the now. We live in a world of instant gratification. We also tend to get caught up in the urgency of what is in front of us. Failure to see beyond the present will lead you to disconnect from your overall goals and objectives. Don’t let the immediacy of the next meeting, goal or report distract you from the big picture. Remain aware of where you want to go.
Lack of sensibility. Your … Read More »

Clean Bench Features: A Quick guide

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With the variety of clean benches to choose from for cleanroom applications, this quick guide will point you in the right direction.

One piece of equipment many cleanroom managers have to consider is a clean bench. Depending on the purpose of the bench, more than one may be necessary. When it comes to clean benches, the options are numerous.

Clean benches and workstations generally use either HEPA or ULPA filtration systems. They provide workspaces for applications like conducting research or isolating a manufacturing process. They tend to come in tabletop, standup, or sitdown models. They come in a variety of materials, and vertical and horizontal flow combinations. Here are features of some of these benches.

Horizontal Laminar Flow – This is a general-purpose bench used for lab work, testing, inspection, manufacturing, and other operations. HEPA filter provides an ISO 5 working environment.

Vertical FlowRead More »