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5 Commonly Overlooked Cleanroom Dangers

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It seems like in a cleanroom, it’s almost impossible to over think every move and decision you make. Sometimes people make mistakes they couldn’t have anticipated until they happen. Here are 5 common dangers that not everyone is cognizant of when working in a cleanroom.

Poking holes in the HEPA filter

Take a look at your HEPA filter. Are there any round holes in there? It is not uncommon for someone to get a little too aggressive when pulling the mop out of the bucket, sending the handle straight into the HEPA filter.

Improper gowning and face mask use

Without proper training and awareness, it’s really easy to, for example, let parts of the gown hit the floor when putting it on. It is also possible to wear your facemask inside out. Make sure everyone knows how to properly dress and undress in… Read more

Considerations for ESD in Cleanroom Packaging

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Static control in packaging has been around for centuries. In its earliest years, it was used to prevent the electrostatic discharge (ESD) ignition of gunpowder stores. Today, there are many kinds of devices, parts, and pieces manufactured in cleanrooms that are vulnerable to ESD. Since basic motion and activity can create a static charge, it’s important that these items are packaged in ESD protective materials. Here are a few options.

Conductive Totes

Conductive plastic is achieved through the compounding of carbon particle material into plastic resin. This permanently changes the surface resistivity, transforming it from an electrical insulator to an electrical conductor.

A conductive tote prevents ESD because when grounded, it bleeds the charge off to the surface it’s in contact with. When enclosed with a cover, it becomes a Faraday cage, providing an electrically continuous conductive enclosure.

Static dissipative

This kind of resistivity… Read more

Effective Cleaning to Remove Dense Dust from Cleanrooms

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While the advanced air filtration systems in modern cleanroom HVACs trap most dust particles, cross contamination from dust is still a concern. Dense dust, which has a high water content, and metal-containing dust can easily find its way into cleanrooms via things like the corrosion of faucets and plumbing or technician clothing. A careful protocol is necessary to remove these dust particles and avoid spreading contaminates during cleaning.


Do not sweep or mop cleanroom or lab floors. Sweeping loosens dust particles and circulates them through the air. They then settle back onto other surfaces. Traditional mopping will simply spread contaminates from one place to another.

Instead, replace brooms with high-filtration vacuum cleaners. These are available as both canisters and backpacks, provide high and low vacuuming, and they offer the flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas. Mops should be replaced with auto vacs…. Read more