Important Considerations for Cleanroom Vacuums

There are advantages to both portable and central vacuum systems for a cleanroom. Weigh your options with these comparisons. When looking at everything needed to clean a cleanroom, the initial removal of dust and particles comes before sanitation. In critical cleaning situations, vacuuming tends to be a more efficient method than swabs and cloths. Measurements […]

How to Swab Cleanroom Surfaces in a Reproducible Manner

Validation relies on meticulous and accurate testing. When swabbing for residue samples, follow this advice for reproducible results. If you consider cleaning validation a three-step process, it will involve 1) cleaning/rinsing of necessary surfaces, 2) sampling any residues left behind after step 1, and 3) analyzing your samples. The greatest challenge in this 3-step process […]

3 Tips on Testing for Fungal Control in Cleanrooms

There is a lot to consider when taking action to control fungus in a controlled environment. Make sure you know these three tips. Recently, we posted about controlling fungus in cleanrooms.  This is a tricky subject because it depends on the form of fungus, the surface type, and environment specific to your controlled environment. We […]

How to Control Fungus in Cleanrooms

Fungal issues are significant in controlled environments. To ensure your cleaning agent will be effective against mold and yeast, follow this series. Fungal contamination from mold and yeast are concerns for cleanrooms in any industry. Mold issues in particular have surfaced in cold rooms, door kick plates, incubators, and cleanroom startups in addition to the […]

Clean Bench Features: A Quick guide

With the variety of clean benches to choose from for cleanroom applications, this quick guide will point you in the right direction. One piece of equipment many cleanroom managers have to consider is a clean bench. Depending on the purpose of the bench, more than one may be necessary. When it comes to clean benches, […]

Cleanroom Wiper Testing: Good News and a Little Guidance

Wipers are necessary to cleaning any cleanroom, but they need to be tested to ensure they’re non-linting. Here is some information as well as good news on testing. Wiper-based cleaning is one of the most effective methods of cleanroom cleaning. Test data to confirm that wipers are non-linting is a USP 797 requirement. However, there […]

8 Steps to Successful Cleaning and Cleanroom Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are two separate but equal processes in cleanroom compliance. Know these 8 steps. Our last two posts addressed some common concerns and issues in choosing cleanroom disinfectants. Achieving the appropriate microbiological cleanliness levels for a class of cleanroom is paramount to industries like medical device assembly and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Disinfectants and applicators […]

The Most Overlooked Step in Cleanroom Disinfectant Programs

Disinfectant programs for cleanrooms rely on more than the solvents themselves. Don’t overlook this important piece of the puzzle. In our last article, we covered a six-step checklist for choosing disinfectants for your cleanrooms. When it comes to controlled environments, however, it’s necessary to create a disinfectant program.  While the solvents and solutions themselves are […]

Checklist for Choosing Cleanroom Disinfectants

If you’re creating a disinfectant program for your cleanroom, be sure to check these six points before making a decision. Disinfectant programs are vital to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Cleanrooms must not only be cleaned, but also disinfected to remain compliant. A program entails a disinfectant rotation as well as the disinfectants themselves. Here […]

Pros and Cons of Cleanroom Air Sampling Methods

When it comes to air sampling for the cleanroom, there are many options. Consider each before choosing the right one for your class of cleanroom Proactive companies know the importance of an active air-sampling program in a cleanroom. As with anything, each method has different benefits and problems specific to compliance needs.  When it comes […]

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