8 Steps to Successful Cleaning and Cleanroom Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are two separate but equal processes in cleanroom compliance. Know these 8 steps. Our last two posts addressed some common concerns and issues in choosing cleanroom disinfectants. Achieving the appropriate microbiological cleanliness levels for a class of cleanroom is paramount to industries like medical device assembly and pharmaceutical manufacturing. ¬†Disinfectants and applicators […]

Certifying your Cleanroom

As anyone who does or will operate a cleanroom probably knows, that room and all of its pieces have to meet a specific set of class standards. Certification is a major part of compliance, and all cleanrooms need it done. What exactly does that mean, though?   Basically, cleanroom certification is a pass/fail test based […]

Tips for Cleaning your Cleanroom

Cleaning a cleanroom sounds redundant, but routine maintenance and cleaning are a big part of what keeps these environments compliant. Of course, cleaning procedures will differ according to required cleanliness levels, processes occurring in the cleanroom, and the individual company. However, experts agree that there are some universal steps to follow. 1. Establish Environmental Monitoring […]

Proper Monitoring of the Cleanroom Environment: Reminders

Cleanrooms have to meet all relevant regulatory requirements that are mandated for the products being manufactured. These are agencies like the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In order to ensure continued compliance, manufacturers need to understand what environmental factors cause contaminates, and they need the proper […]

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