4 Guidelines to Proper Use of a Face Mask in a Cleanroom

The purpose of wearing a face mask in a controlled environment is to prevent contaminants from entering the space through a personnel’s nose or mouth. However, incorrectly using a mask can increase the risk of transmission rather than minimize it.

It is therefore paramount that you understand how to correctly use and breathe in a face mask. Here are 4 important guidelines to follow:

  1. Begin and end with proper hygiene. To avoid the risk of contamination, always thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you put your mask on. If soap is unavailable, use an alcohol disinfectant. If you feel that the mask has become contaminated at any point during its use, leave the room and take it off. Be sure to completely wash your hands again after touching it, before putting on a new one.
  1. Cover both your mouth and nose. A properly-fit mask will cover both your nose and your mouth, not just your mouth.
  1. Check for leakages. Once the mask is affixed over both your mouth and nose, check the sides to ensure that no air is escaping. In some cases, you can conform the mask to fit around your face.
  1. Breathe the right way. The correct way to breathe in a face mask is in through your nose and out through your mouth. The hair inside your nose catch particles as you breathe in, protecting you from risking the particles going into your lungs as they would with mouth inhalation. Exhaling through your mouth allows you to release your air quickly and comfortably.

All rules and protocols for working in a cleanroom are deliberate and necessary. It’s why cleanroom validation and certification are essential. If you need these services, Gerbig Cleanrooms is a long-standing team of experts who will deliver all the appropriate tests, plans, reports, and tools to complete your project. We also manufacture AireCell cleanrooms in hardwall and softwall styles. Contact us to help you maintain compliance: 888-628-0056; info@gerbig.com.