A Commonly and Dangerously Ignored Cleanroom Rule

If you work in a cleanroom, you know it is imperative to follow protocol. To keep contaminates out and protect yourself from toxic substances, you likely use a variety of protective wear like gowns and gloves when you work. Even though gloves provide an excellent barrier between you and what you touch, it is important to take an extra step in safety. Are you washing your hands before and after wearing gloves?

If you’re not, you need to start immediately, and here is why.

Latex gloves are not 100% impenetrable. There is a chance that contaminates from your hands can break the glove barrier. You need clean hands before you even put the gloves on to protect the controlled environment.

Glove residue can break down your tolerance to irritants. Gloves often contain materials that can cause allergies. The allergens rub off on your skin, and if left there, they will gradually increase your sensitivity to them. As a result, you could develop an allergy to the gloves. Hand sanitizer does not remove the substance – you need to use water and soap to remove it completely.

Gloved hands are perfect conditions for bacterial growth. This is a no-brainer; hands inside of gloves are warm and moist. You absolutely need to clean your hands after bacteria have had some time to breed there.

Removing gloves can have a “back spray” effect. When you take your gloves off, it is possible for fluids and/or germs to be snapped back onto your hands, carried with you everywhere until you wash or sanitize them.

For the safety of yourself, your materials, and your colleagues, it is critical that you wash your hands both before and after wearing gloves. If you have any questions about cleanrooms, contact Gerbig Engineering Company. We offer these services along with cleanroom construction. Call us at 888-628-0056 or email info@gerbig.com.